Meet Our Confirmation Class of 2020

October 21, 2020

As we all know our current circumstances are not what we are use to. We are so proud of our 2020 confirmation class, for rising to the occasion and not letting this epidemic hold them back. for that, we would like to give them a special shout out and introduce you! Please feel free to reach out and congratulate them!

✅Shereene Belair✝️ Jeremiah 29:11
✅Keishler Kemy Ferdinand✝️John 14:27
✅Emmanuel Charles Ferguson ✝️ Romans 1:16
✅Leya Simone Graham✝️ Psalm 27:1
✅Jerry Mekhi Hill ✝️ Psalm 46:1

✅Michael Taylor Kimes✝️ Joshua 1:9
✅Solomon Kassa Meshesha ✝️ Jeremiah 29:11
✅Katelyn Marie Soos✝️ John 10:27-28
✅Jeremiah Xavier Quiroz ✝️ Psalm 55:22
Congratulations! May the light of Christ shine on and through you! Your Holy Cross Family is so proud of the men and women of Christ you are!