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North Miami Lutheran Church

Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Dennis Bartels

Rev. Dennis Bartels is the Pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church of North Miami and has served the church and the community since August of 1986. Pastor has a passion for sharing the Word of God, and seeing people come to Christ.

Holy Cross is very much intertwined in Pastor’s family. His father-in-law, Reverend Karl Kreuger served as Senior Pastor at Holy Cross for over 20 years, at which point Pastor Bartels became the senior pastor. Pastor Bartels and his wife have been married since 1977 and have been blessed with four wonderful children– Karl, Stefanie, Rachel, and Kimberly, and three grandson Miles, Calvin, and Kane.

Pastor Bartels was born in Iowa on October 12, 1953. He was raised in the farming community of Schleswig (population 800). After graduation from college in 1975, he worked for three years as a recruiter for St. Paul’s College, Concordia, Missouri. Soon afterward, he entered Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and graduated in 1982. His first four years of ministry were at St. Paul Lutheran Church in West Memphis, Arkansas. In July 1986, he was called to serve as Pastor at Holy Cross where he has continued to serve faithfully.

Pastor Bartels is also active in the community, working with the North Miami Police Department, the Chamber of Commerce, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, His House Children’s Home, A Caring Pregnancy Center, etc. In his years of service, Pastor has touched and transformed thousands of lives, and the impact of his ministry is evident worldwide.

School Principal

Sherry Mackey

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Business Manager | Boards

Roslyn Noel

lisette rogers

Lisette Rogers serves as the Church and School business manger and is an alumnus of Holy Cross Christian Day School.

The Board of Directors shall administer the business of the general assembly.
Jackie Bell, President | Joshua Delva, Vice President |
Fania Narcisse, Secretary |
David McCleod, Board of Elders Chair

Board of Christian Education Contact: boe@holycross-nm.org