Becoming a New Testament Church

March 29, 2020

In our Sunday Bible Study discussions, Holy Cross North Miami has been discussing what it means to be a New Testament Church.  We gathered every scripture we could locate in the New Testament letters to the early Church in which the Bible describes instructions for the early Church.  Above is a word collage of the most frequent words that appear in those scriptures.

It is no surprise that one of the most frequent words is “love.”  God encourages the New Testament church to be one that loves—not only in word, but in deed. Love in action takes many forms. We are taught to encourage one another, to correct one another, to pray for one another, to feed one another, and to warmly greet one another, to give just a few examples.  Join us at HolyCross North Miami to learn more about becoming a New Testament church and experience the joys of doing so together as a family.