Holy Cross Lutheran Church Celebrates 70yrs of Ministry!

October 31, 2021

Dear Holy Cross Family,


On Sunday, November 21st,Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School will celebrate our 70thAnniversary. Dealing with the pandemic and all the situations that havesurrounded us – it is time to REFLECTand to CELEBRATE the blessings theLord has bestowed upon each and every one of us . We had hoped to do a seriesof events, but that is not feasible. However,  we are not going toignore this milestone!  So set the dateas we gather to thank God for his blessings and thanksgivings to the church andschool over the years.  This will also beFriendship Sunday and we encourage you to invite friends and family for thisspecial time together.  We will have aspecial worship service at 10:30 am followed by a turkey dinner in thecourtyard and auditorium.


Our theme for this event is: Founded on Faith – Inspired by Hope          


With this invitation, we alsowant to invite you to participate in a “love offering” to the ministry.  We have been through some difficult times andwe are asking you to consider giving a “love offering,” however, big orsmall.  Ideally, we would like eachmember to consider putting $1 toward each year Holy Cross has been inexistence—that is 70 years!! We have many needs that this gift could go to – (ACunits in the church which need to be replaced – new cameras for providingservices online and replacing the church sound system which is outdated).  But we have learned to do with what we haveand we celebrate the fact that God is so good and we always seem to have whatwe need to get the message of Jesus as Lord and Savior for all people.  That is what makes the Holy Cross family sospecial.    


So, plan to be a part of thisspecial event as we celebrate the ministry being done here at Holy Cross ofNorth Miami as we celebrate the 70th Anniversary on Sunday, November21st. A day filled with special events and activities beginning at 9:30,followed by a worship service at 10:30, and ending with a turkey dinner forall. If you cannot be present, your prayers of thanksgiving and hope for thepast and future of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and school would be appreciated.






Pastor Bartels

Note: Ways to Give: Online at www.holycrossnm.com/giveor by TEXT message by texting the amountof your donation to (1-833) 428-3155 or send check to Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School 650 NE135th Street, North Miami, FL 33161 – please mark as offering.